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noviembre 8, 2017

Google Pixel 2 is an iPhone 5 flashback – Sergey Ross – Medium

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Google Pixel 2 is an iPhone 5 flashback Pixel 2 is out. It’s been unboxed, reviewed, criticized and taken out of the spotlight.Here is a different perspective: Pixel 2, for me, is reminiscent of Apple’s iconic device — iPhone 5 running iOS 6. It was immediately apparent from the very first moments I spent with Google’s new phone.iPhone 5 was the best software and hardware experience Apple has ever created. The software was smooth as silk, with very few bugs and hardware was outstanding even though it was a new generation of an iPhone and aluminum coating had problems. It was a magical experience in a true sense. Google’s phone feels close to it. Its exceptionally smooth system animations show how mobile operating system should be written, today. Applications launch almost instantly and overall device responsiveness is something to behold. Yes, Android’s design and the font size are not perfect. The font feels too small for a good readability and looks odd when increased in settings.With a Pixel 2 user is a limiting factor in how fast everything runs, not the device. And that’s an important distinction.The right way to design mobile OS is to nail the balance between visual effects like animations that are purely eye-pleasing and true speed of the device like applications’ opening and speed of device unlocking.Google gets close to this balance, but is not there, yet. In many ways because Android wasn’t meant to be eye pleasing from the get-go. Animations are simple, skipped in many actions like device unlocking — it is the basics and it works.Apple’s iOS 6 delivered unparalleled balance in visuals and responsiveness. It is a testament to the brilliance of their Chief Software Officer Scott Forstall, his engineering and attention to detail.iOS 7 until iOS 11 was a different era where Apple prioritized form over function, introduced a strange software release schedule and created a lot of issues for its loyal customer base. User experience has been degrading ever since with no evidence of improving. Quick example — system transparency and its effect on overall smoothness of the OS.A leader is gone and for now, we have the Pixel 2. It delivers the best software experience of any smartphone on the market today. It is by no means perfect, but there is always next year.
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