Stop bragging about your tech in the app store, please

Stop bragging about your tech in the app store, please Friends, founders and product owners. I love you all.But if you stand in front of a mirror as say “AI” as part of your app store or website value proposition copy three times, I will come for you.You know who you are.“X is an AI powered journal”“Y is an AI powered mindfulness app”Users don’t care about your stack or technology any more than they care if you use sketch vs photoshop for graphics.They care about what it does for them.Why bragging about tech hurts your salesIf you can’t demonstrate you understand your customers needs in the copy of the app store or your website, there’s no reason to believe that you’ll understand users needs in the implementation and execution of the tech, either.A lot of the apps that brag about AI running the show look like that’s where most of the money went. I don’t want to be unkind because I know budgets are budgets, but I have to say it: they look ..kinda cheap.So by now I’m reluctant to even download an app bragging about AI because it tells me that someone either doesn’t get target audience and their needs, or the target audience is definitely not me.The magic phrase you need to correct thisIf you need help writing your unique value proposition or app store copy, use this phrase every time you mention something that would impress another geek:“Which means that..”Then delete what comes before this phrase.Examples:“Our journal uses AI which means that it can find patterns in your thinking and suggest ways to reframe those thoughts”(as one hypothetical example, I still have no idea what that journaling AI is doing)Our mindfulness app uses AI which means that it can learn your behaviour and mood patterns, adapting to find you a time daily to practice and auto-downloading content you’ll love ready for when you’re out of wifi on your daily commute”“Our personal trainer app uses AI which means that it will give you a personalised training plan depending on your bio-feedback during the last training session and from your overall progress”This spins your thinking around and gets you right back to the perspective of user and their pain.Not the cool thing you worked out how to do.[embedded content]Your engineers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if people cared enough to pay for it.Always fall in love with fixing the user’s problems. Not with your solution, and definitely not with the tech.
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