agosto 17, 2017

Hitman tips and tricks: Everything you need to get through season 1 with ease

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Hitman and its episodic approach left some people feeling a little cold when it launched, with only one situation available to explore for the first few months. Now the entire first season is done and dusted, IO Interactive’s stealth game has taken on a life of its own, packed with hits, challenges, multiplayer competitions and an endless array of multiple approaches it seemingly all turned out fine in the end.

However, Hitman isn’t easy and, as many newcomers have found, IO Interactive’s game is relatively brutal if you don’t know what you’re doing. Because of the episodic nature of Hitman too, it makes it difficult to really offer stellar advice that spans the entire first season. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take when playing Hitman to ensure you don’t end up stuck or knee-deep in dead bodies and bullets.

Hitman season 1 tips and tricks

1. Don’t rush into a situation unprepared

Hitman is at its most punishing when you don’t know what’s going on. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, take your time with it. Scout out a target subtly and slowly, find the lay of the land and work out the best way to get in close without raising suspicion. Whatever you do, don’t wade right in there, expecting to get in and out quickly just so you can get a level cleared quickly.

2. Explore and play with various approaches

Because Hitman is episodic, each area is a vast playground for you to explore. If you really want to make the most of IO Interactive’s stealth adventure, you’re going to have to learn the art of repetition and replay contracts over and over using different approaches to test your skills. It may sound tiresome, but you’ll quickly come to love it.

3. Don’t ignore IO’s advice

It may be tempting to turn off the on-screen prompts or tutorial messages but IO Interactive has put them there for a reason, they’re designed to help. Hitman’s systems are notoriously opaque and by allowing IO to guide you by the hand early on, you’ll appreciate the level of freedom it gives you afterwards all the more.

4. Always hide bodies

Rule 101 of being a hitman is hiding the evidence. If you knock someone out or kill them, always move the body out of the way. You can usually find a myriad of places to drop a body, be it over a balcony into a hedge below, over the bow of a ship and into the sea or just simply into a chest freezer or behind some storage boxes. Basically, you have no excuse for being sloppy with your dead bodies.

5. Sometimes being unarmed is beneficial

You may think having a firearm on you is always a smart idea, after all you never know when a firefight may break out. There are situations, however, where not carrying a weapon is the best idea. For instance, in the first Hitman episode you’ll be frisked as you enter one of the high-security areas. If you’re carrying a firearm here, you’ll either instantly be exposed or suspicions will be raised depending on your attire. Go in unarmed, however, and you can get through smoothly and thus focus on your target.

6. Embrace a firefight

Firefights will happen, especially if you’re a little bit careless. Don’t worry though, Agent 47 is adept enough to take on a few foes at a time – although he’s definitely not a bullet sponge so don’t keep him exposed for too long. The best plan of action when it comes to a firefight is to quickly dispatch anyone who saw you and then go into hiding – preferably changing your outfit. Things will become more difficult, but so long as you can keep suspicions low you should be able to recover and complete your mission.

7. Improvise

Sometimes there’s no better advice than to simply run with it. If it looks like things may not be going your way, come up with a plan on the spot that can get you out of a tricky situation. If your multi-staged assassination plan looks to be unravelling, hunt out new items, objects or opportunities to deliver swift justice to your target.

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