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The Samsung vs Apple battle continuesSamsung threw some major shade in recent adBy Michael Brown[embedded content]Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up adSamsung is back in the ring! In the past, Samsung has thrown blows at Apple for releasing devices that don’t possess innovative and ingenious features in comparison to their Samsung Galaxy devices. In the latest ad, aired in TV commercials during the Sunday Night NFL Football Game, Samsung took liberty to remind consumers of one important thing — Samsung phones have consistently been more innovative than the Apple iPhones over the past 10 years.[embedded content]Samsung phones have been consistently more innovative than Apple’s for 10 years nowOk, now I know this may be hard for most Apple fans to read, including myself, but it’s true. Samsung phones have been consistently more innovative than Apple’s for 10 years. Samsung isn’t just blindly cooking up these ads in hopes that someone believes them. The ads are very accurate. Sure they may not tell the whole story and fail to mention any exploding mishaps that Samsung has had to endure, but these are all precise blows. The question is, do the ads even matter? Do they even work? Envious iPhone, dongle wielding guy on Samsung commercial The smartphone race is practically over.In the ad it looks like Samsung’s marketing is working. In real life, I strongly doubt it. Apple fans know Samsung devices can wirelessly charge on a table. They’ve known for years. They’ve known Samsung Galaxy phones have had water and dust resistance. They’ve known all about the amazing Samsung camera features. The main question is do they care? Again, I doubt it.The smartphone race and competition is practically over! Most people who own a smartphone have stuck with the same brand for at least one to two years. It’s been projected that people who wanted a smartphone, now own a smartphone and love the brand they have chosen. So, rarely will you find major shifts in folks switching from an Apple iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy or vice a versa. For example, look at this Facebook post…. I believe this Facebook post is incredibly accurate. It’s all about brand loyalty and Apple’s brand is gaudy if not one of the most omnipotent. Also, we can’t forget about the amount of exclusive features that iPhone users have as well. Should I mention iMessage again? I thought so. Look, Samsung’s ad was great, clever, and goading.There I said it. But similar to epically walking away from an explosion, it went to deaf ears.
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